Best Rechargeable Batteries for DSLR Cameras

Okay, so you might have gathered by now that I don’t like to ramble on when reviewing products but only like to outline the key features and drawbacks.

Anyway, since starting out in the world of Photography, I have gone through a few different types and brands of batteries but I think I have finally found what I have been looking for.

Enter Sanyo Eneloop & Eneloop XX

Sanyo EneloopEneloop XX

These batteries are the Rolls Royce of all batteries.

They come charged and are ready to use out of the packet. One of the best things about these batteries is the low discharge which means you can leave them charging after a job and throw them in your bag ready to use for the next. You can take comfort from the fact that you WILL be able to successfully complete your next photography job without running out of juice.

The standard eneloop batteries (white ones) are great but if you need a little bit more ooooooomph, go for the Eneloop XX. Oh boy, they rock!

I haven’t tried this myself but Sanyo claim that you only lose 25% of the charge if they’ve not been used for 12months. Phenomenal if you ask me.
Also, you can charge these badboys up to 1500 times which is pretty amazing.

The best bit about these batteries is that they don’t cost the earth either. You’re looking at around a tenner (or £10 for my international friends) for 4 Eneloop XX batteries.
By the way, these are the batteries Apple sell (obviously with their own branding) for almost triple the price.