Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM Lens Review

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM review - perfect for wedding photography

Technical Details

  • Large f/2.8 aperture allowing for excellent low light performance and shallow depth of field
  • Part of Canon’s acclaimed L series lenses
  • 4 stop Image Stabilizer
  • Fluorite and UD elements minimise Chromatic Aberration
  • Rugged construction for greater durability

It took a lot of courage for me to spend so much money on this lens and I was in two minds for a while, but the more I read about this beauty and the more samples I saw the more I wanted it.

I did a few searches on ‘best lens for wedding photography’ and this lens came up time after time. All the photos which were taken with this lens were simply amazing and most of the bloggers claimed this lens coupled with the 5D MK 2 is probably the best combo when it comes to Wedding photography.

I tried hard to find bad reviews for this lens and told myself there’s probably no bad reviews because people would be ashamed to admit they had spent a couple of grand on a poor lens but this simply wasn’t true.

I have a few L quality lenses in my camera bag, but I’ve never used anything remotely this good before.
One thing to be aware of is this lens WILL draw attention as It isn’t the most discreet lens in the world. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what sort of person you are and  where you’re shooting. If your taking photographs in a civilised setting then you will be the envy of all the photographers at the event you’re attending.

This is also a very heavy lens, something to consider if you plan on carrying it around all day in a wedding type scenario.
The lens comes with a solid lens hood, a tripod mount which is easily removable and a luxurious carry case which I have never used but it’s nice to get something free off Canon once in a while.

Now, am not going to go in to any technical details for this lens since there’s a million sites out there with all the information you need.
If you’re on the fence and looking for someone to nudge you to buy this lens then consider this a big push.

So the final verdict…

I am totally addicted to the look of the images produced with this lens (most of the images on the main site have been taken with this lens) and I now take it everywhere. £1800 (current selling price) is a lot of money to spend on a single lens but once you’ve taken the plunge you will not regret it. This lens lives up to all the hype which surrounds it and I highly recommend it.