The PROBLEM with iMessage

iMessage Fail

When iMessage was announced I was really excited at the prospect of having a messaging client which sticks a finger up at the money grabbing network providers and something which shuts up all my friends who use the not so cool ‘BBM’ BlackBerry messaging service.

When I received my shiny iPhone 4S I quickly turned on iMessage but it didn’t take long to realise what a disappointment it actually was.

I noticed a couple of things almost immediately.

1. When you send text (sms) messages using iMessage they take a lot longer (sometimes up to half an hour) to get to the recipient.
To confirm my suspicion I carried out a quick test using my wifes iPhone. I sent messages from both handsets and noticed the delay.

2. This is a BIG one and it was responsible for causing a massive argument between me and the missus.

Let me explain…

When you turn iMessages on, the iPhone somehow works out whether the recipient is using an iPhone and if they are, it selects iMessage as the default messaging service.

Now, that’s all well and good but what happens if you lose/damage your iPhone or decide iPhone isn’t for you and you decide to move away from Apple?
Well, I had a small issue with my iPhone and it had to go back and it meant I had to revert back to my not so trusty BlackBerry phone whilst I waited for a replacement.

Anyway, since I switched phones I noticed that I didn’t get the daily “Did you get to work alright?” or “Pick some milk up on the way home” message from my wife. I made nothing of it until a few days later when the missus erupted and told me how inconsiderate I was in not replying to her messages and how we had nothing to eat and the baby needed all sorts of stuff which I didn’t bother to get. She completely baffled me with these claims.

It was a heated exchange of words when all of a sudden the penny dropped.

After investigating I found that my wife’s iPhone was still using iMessages to send SMS to me even though I no longer had an iPhone.

So the moral of the story…

Communicate more with your missus :) and If you want a reliable messaging service, turn iMessages off and stick to SMS.
Until Apple sort out these issues anyway!