Thoughts on the iPhone 4S

Let’s get it out of the way, I am a big fan of Apple and admire their marketing and attention to detail not just to their hardware but also to the software in the form of OS X and iOS.

Having said that I am massively disappointed with the recent release of the iPhone 4S.
No, it’s not because they chose to name it 4S instead of iPhone 5 or the fact that it looks almost identical to the iPhone 4 (no, you can’t even feel smug amongst friends who have an iPhone 4) it’s because I feel a little cheated.

iPhone 4S


I hear you ask why?

Well…I have owned an iPhone 4 from the day it was released and regardless of what Apple or anyone tells you, there has always been a problem with the design of the antenna. This iPhone 4 was a ground breaking device in many ways but it failed as a phone for me unless of course you opted to cover the device up with some ugly case or sleeve.

Fast forward 16 months and a catalogue of rumours, concepts and articles later, Apple announced the iPhone 4S.

So what are the main selling points of this long awaited device?

Fun at first but is a little gimmicky. It is software driven, something they could have put into the iPhone 4 via iOS 5 if they tried hard enough. (update) I undertand the jailbreak community have been busy and one clever geek has managed to successfully port SIRI over to iPhone 4. Watch this space people!

2. Better Camera
Okay so this is actually a pretty decent upgrade from the previous 5 megapixel camera and does deliver some stunning results but hey, this is hardly ground breaking since Apples’ competitors have had phones on the market with a similar camera or even better for a long time now.

3. Faster Processer
Again, I don’t consider this and number 4 on the list to be market leading or revolutionary as it’s a no brainer in my opinion. In the tech world things change at a rapid pace, hardware becomes faster and cheaper over time.

4. Better Graphics
So, the graphics capability has been increased substantially but let’s be honest, how many of us actually use the device for “proper” gaming? Would this device replace your handheld Nintendo or PSP? No.

The iPhone 4S in my humble opinion is what the iPhone 4 should have been all along. A device you could use to make calls. After all it is called an iPHONE!

Anyway, after all the rambling, the question is, would I go out and buy one?
Of course. Steve would have wanted me to. :)