You can’t be SIRIous?

Quick rant.

So, I have gone and bought myself a new shiny white Apple iPhone 4S (64gb) to be precise.

On the whole it feels and behaves exactly like the iPhone 4, so no surprises there then.

You can't be SIRIous?

Anyway, one of the few features which seperates the 4 from the 4S is SIRI.

I have been road testing it for the last few days and overall I have been relatively impressed with Siri, especially how you dont really have to adjust the tone of your voice for it to understand you. I have used it to do things like set my alarm clock and reply to text massages whilst I sat there picking off enemies in Battlefield 3.

Everything was going well until I asked it to find a restaurant near me. I asked for a Indian restaurant when it hit me with “Am Sorry, businesses are only available in the US” or something on the lines of that.

I mean, WTF?

Apple, would you like to make us aware of anyhting else which is region locked?